Tuesday, September 16, 2008

O.K. so it's macro night. This is a good one. I do this a lot with my ebay listings as I sell many coins on ebay. You'd be surprised how many email I get about the pictures that I post. They want to know how I got so close to my subjects. I tell them it's a macro function. Unfortunately, some don't have that setting on their scanner. Ha, ha. I was surprised to find out that all macros are not alike. My "fool-around" camera is a Nikon Coolpix 2100, and it has a macro focal length of about 40 mm or around an inch and a half. Some of my other cameras don't quite focus that close. It's great for what I do most, and I bought it off ebay for about $20.00. What a deal.

Well, enough about me, on with Macro night.

My first subject is a little toy I have setting on my desk. It's a Lesney bulldozer. Or for you younger kids, a Matchbox bulldozer. I found it in a flea market about 2 weeks ago. I collect these cute little cars from England. I had many as a kid, and seeing them reminds me of those days. I've placed it in the arms of my Purdue Pete, for all my Boilermaker friends. Pete was just thrilled to be asked to pose for this picture even though I cut off his head in the picture.

My next picture is what Pete looks at every day; my desk. Sometimes it's busy and it's
never neat. Sometimes I even leave a little lunch there for him to clean up. He never complains about the temperature, but I think he'll be needing glasses soon.

Next is a picture that I've taken often; a coin. This coin is the reverse or back of a Jefferson Nickel. They made 4 commemorative backs for the Jefferson nickel in 2004 and 2005, to commemorate the 200 anniversary of the Lewis and Clark Expedition through the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. This symbol depicted the "peace" that the
explorers wanted to bring to the native people of this new land. It was a nice design, but was overshadowed by the later buffalo nickel reverse that came out later in 2004. When it comes to coins, condition is everything and having a good macro function, leaves no doubt what the condition of the coin is. Don't you agree?

Finally, as you might have guessed by now, I enjoy old things. This next item is a picture of an old illustration from a history book that I found at another flea market. No, no I won't tell you where the flea market is; it's like your favorite fishing hole. It's a secret. Anyway, this book caught my attention as it had a rather in depth discussion of the Revolutionary War. It touched upon some items that I had never heard or heard and forgot over the years. The last president it discusses was Grover Cleveland and the last paragraph in the book talks about the people of great significance that died in 1886. I've enjoyed more than a few evenings thumbing through this little treasure. This illustration depicts the Colonists revolting against the Stamp Act prior to the Revolutionary War.

Please forgive me if I go on about a few of these pictures. I know this is supposed to be an exercise in photography, but as anyone who knows me, knows that I love to talk. And besides this is a blog space as well. I hope you've enjoyed my pictures and stories.
Have a pleasant evening and keep those pictures coming.


Steph said...

Another great set of pictures! The illustration turned out crisp and detailed. Love it! And I really like the write ups, I always learn something new reading your posts!

smitty4284 said...

I enjoy reading your info on your pictures. Great work. Keep it up.

Sara said...

I second the previous two comments! Love your descriptions and pictures. Although that first pic was ruined by that ugly "P" thing in the bacground. Too bad.

Beth Carter said...

Great pics big nerdy. You know I had to say that. But really I enjoy reading your blog it always teaches me a little something I didn't know. Don't let Sara get you done she is a IU prude.