Saturday, August 30, 2008

Somehow, I feel I have to keep this thing going. I have a few more interesting pictures I'd like to share with the world.

This is an Open Spandral Arch Bridge over the St. Joseph River in South Bend Indiana. They sure don't build'em like that any more.

Another view of the same bridge.

You'll see alot of bridges in my blog as that is apart of what I do for a living, I inspect bridges for the state of Indiana. It's kinda cool.

This is a close-up of the nose end of a B-17 bomber used in WW-II. My high school drafting teacher flew one of these in the BIG ONE. He shared with us a great story about this flying machine and his part in the war. I'll cherish his story for a lifetime. Maybe I'll share it sometime.

May God rest your soul, Mr. Howard.

Now I had the pleasure of viewing two old covered bridges last week in Jennings County Indiana. I've lived in this state all my life and grew up in a neighboring county and never knew they were even here.

This one is just off of SR-3 south of Vernon, Indiana. It's in very good shape for it's age (about 140 years old). A few people have bumped into it over the years, but it should be around for a good long time.

This one is just outside the small town of Scipio, Indiana in northern Jennings County. It has the very unique feature of a window in the side of the bridge. This is so you can see other vehicles before they enter the bridge.

Pretty cool ahh?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday is Blue Day….

I like blue, it’s my favorite color. It can be a pale color like the water in a pool, or neon color like those little tropical fish (tetras) you see at most pet stores. I found several pictures with the color blue in them, but all of my friends have had such good pictures this week, that I’ve had to be real picky in what I select to keep up with the quality of all the other’s wonderful pictures.

To all involved in color week, this has been great fun. I think I’ve become a little more conscious of the colors around me. Truly an experience I’m glad I decided to undertake.
To all of you who have joined me in COLOR WEEK, thank you for the kind words and comments. Please keep them coming.
I’m looking forward to carrying on this new affair with my camera, and hope to bring you pictures that are worthy of your viewing pleasure.

Now on with BLUE….
This flower might not technically be blue, but I think it’s pretty.

Here a close-up of our Colorado Blue Spruce. Scott, it is a blue spruce isn’t it? It may be from Utah or Wyoming or Rhode Island, I don’t know?

Here’s a picture of some blue lichens growing on a maple tree in our yard too. If I understand it correctly, lichens only grow in areas were the air is fresh and clean. Aah! the country.

This one is just a cool old car that was sitting in a parking lot near where I was having lunch while on the road yesterday. It was my lucky day. Everybody, whether you know anything or not about cars, has to admire a cool old car.

This picture is just for the guys; up that testosterone level a little bit (insert Tim Allen grunts here). This is off of a tail fin from a jet fighter at the Grissom Air Museum north of Kokomo. You have to be a tough guy to sport a logo like that on your butt.

This is one of those cool pictures that you never knew you got until you open it on the screen. This is the state capital building. During the day, it’s a brown limestone color. But under the low light of pre-dawn, it is a beautiful blue color. I didn’t realize it until I loaded it onto my pc last night. Neat uh?

But my favorite blue is still……my comfy old jeans.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday is green

Green is a great color. It is the color of life:

Even for small life, the type that we all have to thank; for from green like this you and I
evolved, if you believe I that kind of thing.

It is also the color of other things…

But there again, our favorite green is:

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yellow is a warm color

Yellow is not one of my most favorite colors.
Perhaps it’s because most people say I don’t look good in yellow. I don’t know…
Someone told me it was the warmest color. It is a sunny color.

One of the largest or perhaps the longest yellow things I can think of is the yellow line down the middle of our streets and highways.

Let’s not forget our favorite childhood yellows…

Some of the wildflowers in our yard are a pretty yellow.

But my favorite yellow is…….

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday is Orange Day

Orange is a funny color, kinda like red’s older more matured brother.
It suprises you in the most interesting places. What other color has a fruit named after it, or is it a fruit named after a color?
Orange colored flowers are always interesting to me,

We use orange as well on signs to catch our attention.

We have cats that are orange.

Now where do you suppose the first orange cat came from? I think I have an idea.

But cats aren’t the only animals that are orange.

And let’s not forget the seasonal orange favorite.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Color of the day: RED
An interesting thing about the color red, we seem to use the color a lot.
Mainly, we use the color red to warn of danger. A stop sign for example
is in red to warn of an intersection.

A wrong way sign tells us we are in error.

But given this assignment, I realized a subtle use for the color red.

Many of our favorite fast food restaurants use red as the primary color
in their signs.

These are just a few examples of the signs that I’ve found.
Others not pictures here are Bob Evans, Pizza Hut, Rally’s, Dairy Queen, Red Lobster has red
right in the name, Steak and Shake has their name in red on their buildings.
Other non-food businesses include, Meijer, Target, Kmart, Coke, and Marsh.
Why do you suppose so many businesses use red?
Maybe it’s hardwired into us that red is something to be noticed.
As prehistoric gatherers, maybe we were inclined to look for red as a sign
of food, ripe fruit a matter of survival. I’m not sure; just my theory.
I believe that we’ve so over used the color red, that some of our
emergency response vehicles have changes colors away from red to be more

Red is also a regal color. Look at these pictures:

It’s just a chair and a couch, but add the color red to it and it looks so much statelier.

Maybe I’ll try wearing a red shirt at my next business meeting and see what response I get.

We certainly like our cars red.
Have you noticed how many of them are out there on the road these days? Maybe we think we’re more visible in one and thus catch the attention of the other drivers and then are less likely to be in an accident. But then along these lines, are nicer red cars also catching the attention of car thieves as well, and making us a target for crime?

And how can we have a discussion about the color red in the Midwest without including a red barn.

But don’t get me wrong, nature is pretty good at red as well. In fact, we are about to go into the greatest season for the color red. Fall.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hello World

Hello World,
I'm here. I got this idea from a friend today to start a blog.
What am I going to do with a blog? I guess I'll do what only I can do; tell my story.
I'm not sure if it will be all that interesting, but maybe it will be a little different.
Hopefully you will find little nuggets of interest that make you think or view things differently.
Above all else, I hope to have a little fun while sharing my life story, interests and ideas.
Thanks for reading and stayed tuned.