Monday, October 6, 2008

This week is senses week.

The first entry is Sight. One can never underestimate the sense of sight. It's probably the first sense we use to take in our surrounds. We rely upon it to make sense of our world. Without it the internet is nothing. Our favorite TV shows are transformed back into radio shows, like the good-old-days. The Grand Canyon is nothing but a long uphill hike without sight. And photography is; you guessed it; senseless without sight.

But we all to often take our sense of sight for granted. But take it from me, one who was blessed with less than perfect sight for most of my life, sight is a precious thing. Luckily two weeks ago, I was given a new lease on life with eye surgery. Now I share the same vision as most people do. It's like an almost-new world. So if my blogg seems a little emotional and "preachy" tonight, it's because I have something to sing about.

So tonight, I dedicate my picture to the organ that grants me sight; my eye.


Beth Carter said...

Nice pic greg. I tried to do this with Dales eye but mine did not come out so well. Great job.

Steph said...

Looks good as new!

Jen said...

Congrats on the successful surgery and thanks for participating!