Thursday, October 16, 2008

French Lick Trip

Here's a house we saw while in Spencer Indiana on our way to French Lick Casino. We were eating at a fine place off the square in Spencer called Chambers. It's a nice home cooked buffet. While eating there I noticed this house across the street. After lunch I had to go across the street and look at it. There is a feature in this picture that caught my eye. Can you pick it out? It's not something you see every day. Do you see it?
This a picture from the concert we were attending at the Casino. He's the legendary Country and Western singer Charlie Pride. My wife just loves his music, and we go to see him whenever he's in the state somewhere. He was entertainer of the year in 1971.
This was a picture froma display in one of the halls of the hotel showing some of the products from the French Lick Springs Spa. Back in the 1920's, this hotel was noted for it's mineral waters and people from across the country would come here for the soothing waters. Mainly, it was hard mineral waters filled with sulphur. Boy, does it smell, but people used to bathe in it for medicinal purposes.
On our way back from the Hotel, we saw a large bell tower along US-50 in Shoals and stopped to see what the inspiring building was. It was the historic society building for Martin County. Unfortunately it was Sunday and the museum was closed. Maybe we'll make another trip there to see what's inside.
Here's a picture of the gardens behind the hotel at French Lick. It was very nice and in the gazabo behind the fountains was what was left of one of the springs. The closer you got to it the more it smelled of sulphur. It sure was a nice and quiet Sunday morning.
This is a picture of one of the spiral stair cases in the parking garages next to the casino. It was very decorative and really stood out in the bright sunlight.
This was a part of the old stairs and garden wall in the gardens area. It was much nicer that the picture describes.
I just threw this one in as it added to the fall season. Enjoy.


Beth Carter said...

Cool Pictures Greg I really enjoyed looking over your pictures and almost felt like I was on the trip with you. Ok so I looked long and hard over the first picture because I love the challenge. So here are two interesting things I saw about the picture. The roof is interesting because of the porch roof being a little lower than the original roof. There is also two front doors. So which one is is Greg because I think these are both things you don't normally see?

Steph said...

I didn't see the interesting thing either! That house totally reminds me of my old homestead in Lebanon though...